Obsessed with Cosmetic Applicators

Consumers are pinning lots of demands on beauty tools. Here’s a selection of trendy tools that caught our eye.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief 06.19.20

Applicators have been picking up beauty speed over the last decade. Now there’s a passion for dual purpose, built-ins, ease of use—and of course, hands-free and hygienic.

Ease of Use

Lauren Goodsitt, senior global beauty analyst at Mintel, tells Beauty Packaging: “Ease of use is an important selling point when it comes to applicators. Products with built-in applicators that solve a specific beauty issue appeal to consumers trying to master beauty techniques (i.e. brow applicators that recreate the look of microblading, mascara wands or nail polish handles that help steady the hand, winged eyeliner stamps or stencils).

Bringing Trends to Life

She adds: “Applicators that make tricky beauty trends more accessible can help to drive product interest and clinch the sale. Consumers are not all skilled makeup artists and many do not have time to watch tutorials that teach them intricate techniques.” Therefore, she says applicators that bring those trends to life in a simple, easy-to-tackle manner will pique the interest of trend-driven consumers.”

Applying Directly from the Packaging

In addition, Goodsitt says "36% of U.S. women have used and would use makeup that can be applied directly from the packaging again."

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