Videobite: New Sustainable Packaging Options from WWP Beauty

Videobite: New Sustainable Packaging Options from WWP Beauty

Introducing the Zer0+ collection, tubes with reduced PCR content and integrated applicators, and a soon-to-be-launched line of refillables.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief, Beauty Packaging09.13.21
WWP Beauty is redefining its sustainability strategy and solidifying its commitment to creating a future that is clean, inclusive and sustainable through new leadership, strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, and rapid innovation. The company’s ultimate goal is to help every beauty brand find their path to achieving cleaner beauty through responsible and transparent manufacturing, eco-design techniques, zero waste and circular sustainability, material innovation, clean and compliant formulation and green chemistry. 
In this video, Michael Tognetti, Senior Director, Global Sustainability and Chairman of WWP Beauty’s Circular Committee, tells Beauty Packaging about new sustainable initiatives; WWP Beauty’s 6R’s of sustainability; how they work with brands to help them achieve a more sustainable packaging line up and/or cleaner formulations; and a few new sustainable launches.
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