How One Beauty Industry Expert Uses Agile Research To Arrive at Winning Concepts

    How One Beauty Industry Expert Uses Agile Research To Arrive at Winning Concepts


    Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 2 pm EST

    The nature of the beauty business is competitive, fast, and innovative. New products and packages are rapidly being developed and are fighting for consumer attention. As such, the ability to capture consumer insights quickly and incorporate feedback is critical.

    Gia Calhoun, Global Innovation and Insights Manager and beauty expert, will discuss common pain points in the beauty industry and best practices around what types of research to conduct in order to solve for those. She will also share a case study explaining how agile market research can be used to uncover consumer opinions to create winning package designs that stand out on the shelf, fit with a company’s brand, and satisfy expectations of quality.

    Watch this webinar to:

    • Hear four common pitfalls when conducting research in the beauty industry and tips to overcome them. 
    • Learn the value of pairing both quant and qual research together to understand consumer feelings in a much deeper way.
    • See the product development roadmap as it relates to the beauty industry and what types of research you can conduct in each phase.
    • See the details of three case studies, each at a different phase of the product development roadmap, and how agile research was used to gain fast and quality consumer feedback. 


    • Lisa O’Connor, Director of Client Services, GutCheck
    • Gia Calhoun, Global Innovation Insights Manager and beauty expert

    Location: Ramsey, NJ
    Contact: Jamie Matusow
    Phone: 201-825-2552