A Look at Shiseido’s New Makeup Textures

Inks, Gels, Powders, and Dews -- which products are in each category?

By Marie Redding, Associate Editor 09.14.18

The new Shiseido Makeup collection reinvents the traditional makeup categories, creating four new ones — Inks, Gels, Powders, and Dews.

Shiseido Makeup’s global director of artistry, James Boehmer, collaborated with Gail Boyé, senior vice president, product development, Shiseido Makeup Center of Excellence and her product development team to create the new collection, many of which are featured above.

See the slides to learn more about each innovative category.

The product and package development process for this launch was equally innovative — and the first launch led by for Shiseido’s Global Makeup Center of Excellence in New York City, in close collaboration with the company’s team in Tokyo.

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Shiseido’s team comments on product development, packaging, and design in the 
Online Exclusive: Shiseido’s Team Talks Makeup.

The new color cosmetics collection made its debut at a launch party in a pop-up Japanese art gallery and gave social media influencers a way to ‘fully experience’ the makeup textures, through the decor.

See the slideshow: Shiseido Creates a J-Beauty Interactive Exhibit To Launch Makeup Line

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