Low MOQ Packaging for Indie Brands

Low MOQ Packaging for Indie Brands

Independent beauty brands don’t have the need or the budget for standard packaging minimum order quantities.

Indie beauty brands often need low minimum order quantities — and suppliers tell us they are meeting these demands by offering lots of new packaging options, including Cosmogen, as shown in the video above. 

Many of the independent brands we spoke to describe a variety of roadblocks as they try to enter the marketplace — and having the funds to meet MOQs when purchasing packaging is often a challenge. However, there are many suppliers willing to help.

Packaging suppliers tell us about some of the solutions they offer — with low MOQs -- to help Indies grow their brands. 

See highlights from this feature story in the video above.

Read the full story, with all the details in the feature, Low MOQ Packaging for Indie Brands.
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