A Look at Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty's Rose-Red Packaging

The artist-inspired packaging design features a tube style inspired by oil paints, and a specially designed 'shadow switching pan.'

By Marie Redding, senior editor 07.15.19

Frida Kahlo is widely admired as one of Mexico's greatest artists. Ulta Beauty says it is celebrating her legacy with the launch of The Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty collection.

It features rose-red packaging, inspired by the color of the roses Kahlo wore in her hair, as well as in one of the iconic self-portraits she painted.

See the collection in the slideshow above — and read more about how the ‘New Hue Shadow Switching Pan’ works in the story, Ulta Beauty Launches Frida Kahlo Collection.

Photo in first slider above, left, via Instagram/ultabeauty
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