‘Green’ Cartons That Look Luxe

Beauty brands don't need to sacrifice a luxury look for eco-friendly attributes.


Sustainability continues to trend, and has become a standard goal for most beauty brands. Luxury beauty and fragrance brands want packaging that is ‘green,’ however, it also has to be glamorous.

One way to achieve these goals is to use a luxe paperboard for cartons, and make sure it is FSC-certified. Greg Maze, senior brand manager, Neenah Packaging and Retail Solutions, states, “Beauty brands continue to seek high impact at shelf and low impact for the planet. They don’t want to compromise to achieve both.”

Neenah reports that its PC100 paperboard, as well as all its other recycled options, are in high demand. “And all of Neenah’s folding boards are FSC certified, ensuring responsible forestry. We can also create customized products with brands to meet their carbon footprint goals and corporate sustainability metrics. We also help customers track their activity via environmental scorecards,” a spokesperson states. (Check out Neenah's Enviro Calculator here.)

Josie Maran uses Neenah’s PC100 board — and prints ‘carbon neutral’ logos at the bottom of the cartons, because,  “In this market, consumers are looking for companies who take the extra step towards improving environmental impacts,” Tom Koh, head of creative marketing, Josie Maran, tells Beauty Packaging in the feature article, The Energy Behind Beauty’s New Eco-Emphasis.

Other brands are taking steps to ensure its cartons are made using FSC-certified paper — or they are using design in innovative ways to eliminate the use of inserts. Farmacy is one example, see the photo of its carton that folds out, origami style, to reveal the brand’s story and product’s ingredients printed on the inside of its carton. (The Farmacy photo shown above can be found here, via Instagram.)

Click through the slideshow above to see Origins, Jurlique, Lush and more brands using eco-friendly cartons. 
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