• Hair Care

    Hair Care Heats Up

    Following a wave of acquisitions of color cosmetics and skincare brands over the past few years, activity in the hair care category, particularly with prestige and salon brands, began heating up. Among the action in Fiscal 2017 (as detailed in Beauty…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief 01.26.18

  • Fragrances | Nails

    Welcome to 2015

    Well, we’re already off and running in the New Year, and 2015 promises to bring a lot of change and excitement to the beauty world. This year also marks Beauty Packaging’s 20th anniversary as an industry resource, bringing packaging su…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 02.06.15

  • Applicators | Bath/Body | Bottles/Jars | Cartons/Boxes | Compacts | Cosmetics | Personal Care | Stock Pkg | Tubes

    More Specialized Than Ever

    Things have changed drastically—and continue to evolve—in the cosmetics, personal care and fragrance sector, once known primarily for its aesthetics. Packaging suppliers and brands now face an increasingly long list of criteria when dev…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 05.28.14

  • Eco-friendly

    Environmentally Responsible Packaging: A Tale of Two Trends

    In speaking with brands and suppliers for this month’s cover feature on Environmentally Responsible Packaging in the Beauty World, the one thing that’s clear is that the issue is more complex than ever. Beauty consumers, it seems, are…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 04.30.14

  • Nails

    About Face

    Things change quickly in the world of beauty. Take the nail polish market, for example. For years, it seemed unstoppable, growing at extraordinary rates. Suddenly, in what seemed like an overnight reversal of fortune to many, the category showed some…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 11.06.13

  • Beauty Gains

    While certain types of gains are not welcome as we enter into bathing suit season, those relating to retail sales are always celebrated—and in a recovering economy, even more so! In speaking with beauty industry analysts, suppliers and brand…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 06.10.13


    Jamie Matusow, Editor The acronym that stands for What you see is what you get came to mind repeatedly during my compilation of this issue—the largest in our 18-plus year history. Not as computer jargon, but as a message of general transpare…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 03.12.13

  • Zeroing in on Key Markets

    There’s nothing like an intensive study of the world’s Top 20 global beauty companies to provide a magnified view of industry trends. It’s always fascinating to learn how these top-tier manufacturers hone their business strategie…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 11.08.12

  • Caps/Closures

    Expect the Unexpected

    Always expect the unexpected. It’s a motto that’s cropped up often in the beauty industry during the last few months. First Coty made repeated unsolicited bids to acquire Avon, presumably banking on the global direct seller to quickly…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 08.02.12

  • Trade Show Indicators

    At a time when you hear hemming and hawing nearly every day about which way the economy is headed, attending Luxe Pack NY on May 16-17 left no doubt. Things seem to be rolling along quite smoothly in the luxury cosmetics and fragrance market at least…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 06.07.12

  • Growth Is in the Air

    Welcome to Beauty Packaging’s annual Corporate Profiles issue—our largest issue ever! This alphabetical (by company) resource guide provides you with an invaluable compendium of corporate capabilities from companies offering primary and s…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 03.09.12

  • Fragrances

    A Happy Start to 2012

    A Happy Start to 2012 Welcome to Beauty Packaging’s first issue of 2012—and our annual announcement of the company chosen by our more than 25,000* unique online readers as Beauty Company of the Year: Excellence in Packaging. As you can t…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 01.31.12

  • Caps/Closures

    A Packaging Dichotomy

    There’s nothing like working on the analysis of the Top 20 Global Beauty Companies to hammer home the current trends in the industry, and this year’s research was no exception. The one overriding trend is the ongoing race for new globa…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 10.20.11

  • Off to a Good Start

    According to Irina Barbalova, head of global cosmetics and toiletries research at Euromonitor, “The beauty industry has entered 2010 with renewed vigor. Early indicators suggest that the worst of the recession may be behind us.” Fav…
    Jamie Matusow, Editor 03.11.10

  • Capitalism at its Best

    Welcome to 2002. Writing on Jan. 22, it’s way too soon to tell what form the year will take. Business news is a strange mix of optimism and pessimism and the stock market seems to be following a bouncing ball. We can all take a strange…
    Janet Herlihy, Editor 09.30.09

  • Caps/Closures

    To Market, To Market

    What a difference six months can make. Last October, flights to Luxe Pack in Monaco from the U.S. had room to spare, few Americans made the trip, and virtually everyone was nervous about the economy and anxious about security. But those flyi…
    Janet Herlihy, Editor 09.30.09

  • The Dog Days of Summer

    The “dog days” of summer—hot, slow and lazy— used to be synonymous with slow news days. But in the middle of the summer of 2002, we all could use some relief, not only from the hazy, hot and humid weather that has much o…
    Janet Herlihy, Editor 09.29.09