SGB Packaging Presents Unique Cosmetic Innovations

SGB Packaging Presents Unique Cosmetic Innovations

Learn about a new problem-solving push-button dropper system—and more.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief04.29.24
SGB Packaging is a supplier in the cosmetic, fragrance, and beauty industry. The company has a large catalog across various materials and components, working across both standard and custom development programs.


SGB is proud to offer the Duo Dose Dropper. The Duo Dose Dropper is an innovative dropper system that offers customers the ability to customize the dosage before application – either more product or less – depending on the customer's use case. Leveraging the familiar design of a push-button dropper, the Duo Dose Dropper, is intuitive, elegant, and easy to use. Reach out to SGB’s team to learn more about this exciting innovation.
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