10 Prestige Fragrances with Luxe Packaging to Match

Perfumes are having much more than a moment, and the Prestige Fragrance industry is delivering the goods—from small to large, and affordable to fantastical.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief 05.09.23
Despite the worldwide pandemic and quarantine restrictions, consumers indulged in fragrance—and continue to relish the idea of pampering themselves via fine scents. In fact, the global fragrances market has been on the rise for the past couple of years and last year, even eclipsed skincare’s ongoing popularity. “Natural” ingredients and customized fragrances are boosting the trend for high-end choices.
According to a recent report from Grandview Research, the global perfume market size was valued at $50.85 billion in 2022 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from 2023 to 2030. The researcher determined that market growth is “attributed to the growing trend of personal grooming, coupled with increasing demand for luxury and exotic fragrances.”
Data released recently from Circana (formerly IRI and The NPD Group), found that Gift Sets and Minis are highlighting sales in the Prestige Fragrance category. According to Larissa Jensen, beauty industry advisor at Circana—and a member of Beauty Packaging’s Board of Advisors—“sales of fragrance gift sets sold in the prestige market grew by 31%, aided by more dedicated shelf space and consumers finding value in these types of products.”
Jensen said that Prestige fragrance sizes under 1oz. accounted for nearly 40% of unit sales in Q1, a 3-point increase versus last year—"appealing to consumers looking to easily carry their fragrances with them, or to own a luxury fragrance at a lower price-point.”
But as you’ll see here, full-size launches have pulled out all the stops—and are utilizing creative, artful packaging to attract an upscale crowd.

10 Luxe Fragrance Brands to Note

Following is just a fraction of the many new luxe fragrances that have captured Beauty Packaging’s attention over the last year. Each has a unique story to tell. You may wish you had space to collect, showcase—and indulge in them all (and, for one, a thick bankroll).

1. ICON by Banderas

Unlike the masculine ICON Banderas perfume from Puig, which was expressed in forms with marked lines, bluish tones and graded transparency, the new and first feminine essence, ICON Eau de Parfum For Women, by Banderas ($40), is distinguished by “an assumed roundness and sensuality,” enhanced by the power of bright pink.
FaiveleyTech, through its Beauty Business Unit in its Orgelet manufacturing site, realized the ICON cap—"a round hood that embellishes the bottle of the feminine perfume.” By combining PET and recycled material, the cap is part of an approach of eco-design and concrete circularity. It incorporates a part of recycled material (thus less virgin PET and a reduced carbon impact) while being recyclable in the existing streams. 
Due to its over-molding manufacturing process and without a visible injection point from the outside, it also marks a technical feat, according to FaiveleyTech. The round shape and the massive monobloc character of the piece represented constraints that were overcome by company experts.
The cap manufacturing required some additional investments on top of the existing machinery, with peripheral elements for automated production and control. Another challenge was the perfect match between the bottle and the cap, says FaiveleyTech. “The cap takes and reproduces the grooves of the bottle. It also adopts its color, a matte and bright pink, which plays with transparency and lightness. The result is a superb consistency between the bottle and its hood.”

2. Formosa Pays Tribute to Taiwanese History

Packaging designer Marc Rosen created the luxurious bottle for Formosa eau de parfum ($295), to accompany a custom fragrance. The package design features a carved green jade ball closure atop a bottle that is “a sleek crystal-clear slice of heavy glass.” All of the elements pay tribute to Taiwanese history and culture, from the premium jade stopper to the fragrance notes that are indigenous to Taiwan.
Rosen developed the Formosa project over the past year, working with Shining Sung, a member of Taiwan’s most prominent family, which owns the Chi Mei Museum, “home to the largest collection of western art in Asia.” She was responsible for purchasing a great deal of the art.  She lives in NYC and supports Taiwanese musicians and artists.
Formosa means “beautiful island,” and the fragrance—developed by Firmenich’s master perfumer Honore Blanc—was created to capture this special, unique place of beauty and harmony and “provide this same escape to that special place in our hearts and imagination, if just for a moment.”
The fragrance embodies the natural flowers, fruits and spices in notes that are indigenous to Taiwan. Florals include plum blossom, white peony, rose blossom, jasmine sambac, lily, tiger orchid. Nectars are black currant, sweet mandarin and candied lemon. Background notes: labdanum, patchouli, musk, cedar and sheer amber.

3. Jimmy Choo Rose Passion Is a Reference to the French Riviera

Global luxury house Jimmy Choo’s latest fragrance, called Rose Passion ($126), is described as being “evocative of the glamour, confidence and audacious sense of playfulness inherent to the brand, capturing the essence of Jimmy Choo.”
Inspired by the allure of the French Riviera, the name “rose” is actually a reference to the French translation of “pink.” The glittering coastline and azure skies serve as the backdrop to the Rose Passion campaign. The gorgeous Italian, Moroccan muse Malika el Maslouhi fronts the campaign.
The fragrance, which was created by celebrated perfumier Nathalie Lorson, opens with the freshness of coconut water and the rich exotic bloom of the frangipani flower.
Similarly, the Rose Passion bottle and packaging capture the glamour and desire that underpin the fragrance. Cast in a fuchsia box with a bold textured design treatment and finished with Jimmy Choo’s brand name, the packaging is indicative of the luxury inside. Inspired by the timeless elegance of Venetian Murano glass, the bottle resembles a beautifully cut crystal jewel; a leitmotif for the house. Meanwhile, the double fuchsia “dégradé” creates the illusion of a bottle glowing from within. This is topped with a slick black and gold cap.

4. Coty’s Gucci Fragrance Uses Alcohol from 100% Recycled Carbon Emissions

Where My Heart Beats Eau de Parfum ($380) is the latest fragrance in Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden collection. The fragrance uses CarbonSmart alcohol from LanzaTech, which Coty partnered with in 2021.
This novel technology process captures carbon from industrial emissions and transforms it into alcohol for use in fine fragrances. Where My Heart Beats, is tagged as “the first globally distributed fragrance manufactured using alcohol from 100% recycled carbon emissions.”
The fragrance is held in a lacquered white glass flacon, gilded with a decorative rose gold foliage loosely shaped like a heart. At the top of this pattern is the scent’s unique symbol—the bewitching butterfly—while a green bow is tied at its base. At its center are the Gucci logo and the name of the scent. The flacon is in an accented white box and presented within a delicate white pouch.

5. Parfums de Marly’s Valaya Is a Flashback to the 18th Century

The inspiration behind Parfums de Marly’s Valaya ($355) dates back to the 18th century, when cotton was an innovative fabric and women wore dresses with several layers of petticoats. The layer of the petticoat closest to their skin was called "le secret," symbolizing the secret ingredient that is the Valaya creation—"capturing the scent of the skin caressed by a veil of cotton to convey the power of femininity.”
Who can resist this description: Valaya is meant “to emphasize true elegance and captures the encounter between fabric and the sensuality of bare skin, with a play on texture and rays of light. It is composed of a minimalist, transparent bouquet around the orange blossom, and mandarin. These ingredients are enhanced by an elixir surreptitiously dosed with musk and placed atop the opulence of noble wood and vanilla. This musky wood floral brings together a synergy of natural materials with the sensual base being Ambrofix, a molecule that gradually delivers, upon contact with skin, warm facets of amber.”

6. British Perfume House Penhaligon’s Offers a Royal Touch

On the heels of the anticipated coronation, the renowned 150-year-old British perfume house,  Penhaligon’s, pays tribute to Highgrove Gardens, the home of King Charles III and the Queen Consort with its latest fragrance, Highgrove Bouquet ($225).
Highgrove Bouquet is inspired by the “magnificently fragrant summers” at Highgrove Gardens., “when the odor of blossoming weeping silver lime fills the air.” Not only does it smell lovely, but 10% of all proceeds support the Prince’s Royal Foundation to help fund training and education programs.
In-line with the Prince’s well-known environmental vision (of over 50 years), the Penhaligon’s project has been developed in a way that “is mindful of the need to respect the planet,” replacing plastic with 100% recycled and recyclable paper and sugar cane eco-foam, and printing using all organic ink, free of mineral oils.

7. Kate Spade New York Gets Graphic with Chérie

In tune with the well-loved American fashion brand, comes the launch of a new “playful and feminine” perfume, Chérie (“Dearest” in French; 3.3oz $95), inspired by the brand’s signature color combination and spirit of pop art, and incorporating the allure of Paris, ‘The City of Love.’ The floral, fruity and musky notes are contained in “a red and hot pink round bottle that evokes the unapologetic style of the global brand.” The complementary outer pack is described as “graphic and bold.” Model and actress Margaux Van Kommer was chosen to embody the “effervescent spirit” of Chérie. The fragrance was created by master perfumer Louise Turner of Givaudan; bottle and packaging design are by Baschmakoff.

8. Paco Rabanne Brings FAME to the U.S. via Elle Fanning

Paco Rabanne’s fragrance, FAME ($132), is cited as “the luxe, sustainable, refillable, covetable new feminine fragrance. Created to capture the Parisian spirit of the Rabanne woman, FAME features Elle Fanning, and marks the brand's first major feminine launch in the U.S. ”The quintessence of avant-garde luxury, this perfume is crafted in Grasse, with a blend of sustainable ingredients, including “exceptionally pure jasmine, succulent mango and an addictively sensual creamy incense.”
Fame’s unique bottle also pays tribute to “a new era of femininity,” according to the brand, who adds: “She is shaped as a robot, just like Paco Rabanne’s Phantom, but dressed in the iconic Paco Rabanne chainmail dress and boots that resemble those designed by the brand’s creative director Julien Doessena in real life. She is also wearing earrings and a bracelet resembling some of the brand’s best-selling accessories.”
The bottle is also fully reusable, with refills available for purchase separately.

9. Trudon’s Unisex Fragrance Evoked Winter Moods

Trudon says its newest unisex personal fragrance, Mortel Noir ($290), suggests skins heating up against one another: the strength of black pepper from Madagascar blended with incense from Somalia, myrrh and benzoin reveal the erotic spell of pure Cistus.
Housed in dark packaging, Mortel Noir draws attention with its matte black bottle and cap: on the label, the sole name of the perfume shines in gold letters. Equally adorned in hot gold, a drawing by Bastien Coulon runs on the outside of the ink-black box: it features an artist as a mortal creative figure plunging into the abyss.

10. Rémy Cointreau’s Ultra-Luxury Perfumes in a Baccarat Bottle

Paris-based Rémy Cointreau Group announced the creation of Maison Psyché: “an exceptional house that draws on the special blending and aging savoir-faire specific to the spirits industry to elevate the finest raw materials of perfumery and create unrivaled fragrances.”
Maison Psyché operates under the belief that “the most remarkable creations are born when exceptional terroirs and the alchemy of masters’ and artisans’ savoir-faire come together.” Here, there is a connection between Baptiste Loiseau, cellar master of the Maison Rémy Martin, and Sophie Labbé, principal perfumer at Firmenich. In fact, the Maison Psyché parfums are shaped by the time spent in specially designed oak casks.
The premier release is their ultra-luxury perfume line encased in Baccarat crystal, adorned in gold –some with diamonds. This premium product is numbered and only available in very limited quantities for exclusive and confidential clients. Maison Psyché bottles are priced from €5500, depending on the perfume and the market in which they will be sold (availability in the U.S. started in January 2023).
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