A Look at Loop’s First Partner Brands — in Beautiful, Refillable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is about to get more luxurious than ever, as brands offer refillable shampoo, mouthwash, skincare and more.

By Marie Redding, Senior Editor 01.31.19

Terracycle recently announced at the World Economic Forum 2019 that it is partnering with 25 global businesses, including P&G and Unilever, along with the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur, to launch the Loop Alliance Initiative.

Watch the video here: TerraCycle, P&G, & more unveil Loop -- and discuss the plan to eliminate single-use plastic at the World Economic Forum.

Loop is a new circular platform and innovative concept for reusable packaging. Consumers purchase durable packaging and Loop collects it, either for recycling or refilling, at no charge.

TerraCycle is an international recycling leader, with a mission to help rid the world of plastic -- the new initiative just might help consumers save the planet, one disposable plastic bottle at a time. 

The Loop program -- and online Loop store -- will launch in New York and Paris in May 2019. 

What Does This Mean for Packaging? 

Take one look at the new refillable deodorant packaging or Pantene's beautiful bottles, both shown in the slideshow above -- and you'll see how brands are creating sustainable, durable packaging that is also so stylish. 

The program will no doubt inspire greater brand loyalty - and attract new customers to the brands that have the most stylish refillable, reusable packages. The real draw is that they will know they are helping to help save the planet -- so who wouldn't want to join Loop?

It's an exciting time for package designers, as everyday items become more luxurious than ever. Brands are betting that consumers will begin refilling shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent -- and even ice cream.

Partner Brands

Some of the brands that have partnered with Loop are:

  • Unilever: Axe, Degree, and Dove deodorants; REN Clean Skincare; Love Beauty and Planet; Love Home and Planet; Rexona; Seventh Generation; Signal; and Hellmann's. 

  • P&G: Pantene; Crest; Gillette; Oral B; Tide; Febreeze; and Cascade. 

Thinking about how you can create luxe, refillable and reusable packaging for your beauty brand?

Take a look at the slideshow above for some inspiration.   

Photo credits: Photos courtesy of P&G, and Unilever Rethinks Plastic; Lifestyle shots by Terracycle via LoopStore

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