New Gestures in Cosmetics Packaging

A different application method can lead to brand success.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief 11.07.16
Beauty brands are always on the lookout for new gestures as a way to stand out and attract attention, and in the past year a number of suppliers and brands made the claim. Here are just a handful.

Aptar's Note, shown above

Speaking at the beginning of the year, Des McEttrick, market development director for NA Beauty at AptarGroup, noted: “In 2015, the fragrance industry saw over 2,000 new launches,” but she said about 80% of those were “in the flanker vein.” She said, “To animate their main lines, our customers are expecting new ideas not only in decoration, but also in the fragrance gesture [method of application].”

As an alternative to typical spray dispensing, Aptar Beauty + Home created Note, a bottle topper that revisits the timeless gesture of elegantly applying fragrance directly to the skin. The first launch using this approach was “Touche de Parfum” by Dior, a flanker iteration of its popular J’Adore fragrance. (The first photo above is a screenshot from J'Adore's video). 

Yonwoo/PKG's Foamer in a Tube, shown above

At Cosmopack Bologna, Yonwoo/PKG’s Curt Altmann showed Beauty Packaging what he called “the first foamer in a tube." He said it offers a much lower cost, and is more efficient than a traditional system, which has lots of parts. Yonwoo/PKG’s introduction has reduced the number of parts—so it’s easier and more cost-effective to fill. Plans are for the foamer to be industrialized this year. Good for hand soap, shaving cream and the like, Altmann described it as a new gesture for foam. It’s also lighter weight—and more ergonomic.

Cosmogen's Airtight Design, shown above

Cosmogen followed up on its popular and innovative Attract 1 applicator, introducing Attract 1 Expert, an airtight tube with a ball-shaped dispensing tip. This rendition features the same concept, an applicator with a removable stainless steel magnetic ball, but now it’s exposed 3X more for a 360-degree rotation. When the ball is removed, it can be heated, cooled, and cleaned. Marianna Cilauro, business development director-East Coast said there was a lot of interest in the full skin-care ritual, which offers a new gesture.

Derik Industrial's Twist-Up Lipgloss

Derik Industrial also claimed a new gesture with a lipgloss that can be twisted up. There’s no dripping, no unscrewing—just pull out the applicator with a flocked head. See a demonstration in this video. 

Albea's Mascara Designs

Albéa Cats’Eyes mascara family of extra slim fiber brushes targets “a wide eyed look.” Key to the range is the agility in application thanks to its extra slim fiber brushes. The Panther Brush, one of two in the range, claims the difference lies in the gesture: the ergonomic curved comb brush simultaneously pushes and curls all the lashes from the root.

QuadPack's Click Stylo, shown above 

Quadpack released its Click Stylo, which it said offers a new gesture in lipstick (or concealer, creamy eyeshadow or primer) application. One click, one dose. Where lipstick tends to be actuated with a twist, this stick uses a click button that doses just enough color for a single application. Click Stylo is a slimline pen, with all components in ABS, that’s ideal for makeup on the go. An aluminum shell can be added for an extra touch of luxury.

Alkos' Fragrance Crayon, shown above

In a streak of change, Alkos brought the popular crayon applicator to fragrance. The supplier’s Fragrance Crayons might soon be a new format—and a new gesture—for fragrance packaging. The crayon makes it simple and easy to apply fragrance anytime, anywhere—with no chance of leakage.

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