Slideshow: Men’s Hair Care Packaging

The men’s hair care category is one of Google’s “3 trends shaping beauty.”

By Marie Redding, Associate Editor 07.21.16
What types of packaging are men attracted to? If the hair care brands featured in the slideshow above are any indication, bottles in unexpected shapes, convenient tubes,  jars, and tins are popular. Plus, flashy decorations, and dark colors will help a brand appeal to men - but it seems that clean-cut and understated looks are popular as well. Judging from some of the outrageous designs - such as Moco de Goriila - anything goes.

Luxury salon brand Oribe Hair Care also stands apart from the rest. The brand is for both men and women, but no doubt men won’t mind displaying this packaging in the bathroom. Bottles and jars feature rich jewel tones in dark hues.

Celebrity hairstylist Kevin Murphy has launched a new men’s collection in June 2016 under a new brand name - K.Men. The products are in the same stylish cube-shaped packaging as the existing products - minus the pretty pink pastel hues. K.Men looks stylish in all shades of olive green, gray and black.

K.Men’s unusual design includes styling waxes and pomades in rectangular shaped plastic cases that flip open.

Take a look at these brands and more in the slideshow above.

Classic Pomades Are As Popular As Ever

Pomades are always a popular styling category for men. Lots of brands opt for classic tins, while others choose plastic jars that resemble the shape of a classic tin.

Murray’s Original Pomade is one of the most iconic products in a classic tin, in the brand’s signature orange color. The brand created a special edition Murray’s Special Edition Obama Can, and $1 from its purchase price will be donated to charity. See the decoration in the slideshow above, which features an illustration of the Obamas on its pomade. The brand has also launched a new Barber collection, also shown above.

Rather than get political, American Crew was recently inspired by music - and a famous pompadour. The brand created a custom label featuring Elvis for its pomade package.

Dove is the Fastest Growing Brand for Men

Nielsen just confirmed, in a recent News story, that Dove Men+Care Hair is the #1 fastest-growing brand in the Daily Hair Care category - beating all other brands in a category that includes both men’s and women’s products. Dove Men+Care is promoting the news with this new campaign.

Men’s Hair Care Is Still A Huge Trend

Nielsen also points out that this Google Trends Report says that Men’s Hair Care was one of its “3 Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry” in 2015.

Ellen Sideri, founder and CEO of the trend research agency ESP Trendlab, tells Google, "It's like waking a sleeping giant.” Rob McMillen, head barber at Blind Barber in New York, adds, "Men tend to have more brand loyalty than women, and are more likely to buy products that the barber recommends.” (Perhaps that was the thinking behind the name of Murray’s new line, “Barber Shop,” which is mentioned above.)

See the slideshow above.

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