Slideshow: New and Noteworthy Mascaras That Deliver More Lash Benefits

Mascara in boldly designed bottles, with new formulations, and innovative brushes that give consumers more options than ever.

What’s new about mascara? A lot. Beauty brands have been developing new mascara formulations that provide more lash benefits than ever before - benefits that go beyond the traditional lengthening, curling and volumizing.

There are some recent mascara launches that have ingredient lists that read like a skincare product. Other brands have chosen to develop a brush and formulation that will transform lashes into “doll eyes,” a trendy look inspired by Japanese anime. Some have chosen to replicate the look of false lashes, and one mascara promises to eliminate the need for an eyelash curler.

Packaging for mascara is becoming more exciting as well. Since mascara’s performance typically depends upon the brush shape, marketers and package development teams have been working with suppliers to create new types of brushes that deliver a variety of benefits.

Every mascara bottle contains a wiper, which must work well with the brush and formula. If the wiper is the wrong size, the brush will pick up too much or too little product, which will affect application - and the outcome.

When all these elements are in sync, a mascara will work as intended. When one aspect is off - such as a brush shape or a formulations’ s viscosity - it will interrupt the synergy of the entire combination and the mascara won’t work as well as expected.

Mascara bottles and caps are also being given makeovers. Some packages are adorned with eye-catching graphics, and some bottles are being molded into interesting, angled shapes.

More Brush Options Than Ever Before

Beauty brands are offering consumers more choices, in mascara formulations and brushes. Buxom fans choose the look they want, and then customize their packaging by choosing a brush, which are all designed to work with its universally compatible formulation. MAC Cosmetics has a “Mascara Finder” page on its website with 22 different options, grouped according to the benefit each delivers to the lashes. Maybelline has 20 different mascara options on its website right now, and there are 15 options offered by Rimmel London.  

One thing is for sure - it seems like an exciting time to be working in product or package development for color cosmetics, especially in the mascara category.

See the Slideshow Above

Click through to slide 20 for an overview of what’s already on the market. Each mascara featured has different marketing claims, brush shapes and packaging.

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