Slideshow: A Refreshing Look at Beauty at Cosmetic Executive Women

Packaging picks from this year’s CEW Product Demo reveal trends in natural ingredients and distinctive containers.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor 03.20.15
Upon stepping into CEW’s 2015 Insiders’ Choice Beauty Awards Product Demo on March 11 at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion, attendees had to first remind themselves that they weren’t at a farmer’s market or an upscale grocery store. An abundance of exotic flower arrangements, fresh produce and delectable candy accentuated the ingredients of beauty products that lined scores of improvised “beauty counters.” While making the rounds to view an astounding 7,500 products from 350 companies, Beauty Packaging’s publisher Jay Gorga and I sighted orchids, gardenias and lilies, as well as coconuts, limes, blueberries, olives and kale.

The fruits and veggies also highlighted a notable direction toward natural ingredients and sustainable packaging among the brands. New directions in makeup and in packaging were also evident.

Prior to the start of the much anticipated beauty showcase, Carlotta Jacobson, president of CEW, discussed several findings from a trend forecast carried out by Mintel, which partnered with the organization this year. It was obvious that many beauty entrants supported Mintel’s observations.

At the top of the market info provider’s list were: makeup with anti-aging claims; blurring products for the “selfie” generation; a return to contouring sticks and palettes; and new packaging formats such as the much talked about cushion compacts.

Ripe for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

With the growing attentiveness of consumers toward caring about beauty in relation to the Earth and to what they’re applying to their skin, 2015 marked the fourth year of the Eco Beauty category, which featured an expanded list of brands, including Jurlique, Surya Brasil and Soap & Water.

Surya Brasil made it on to my list of Top 3 favorite packages at the Demo, due to its attractive and sustainable packages made from cornstarch and sugarcane plastic. Soap & Water, which partners with Matt Damon’s clean water program and Philippe Cousteau, uses recyclable plastic and biodegradable pressed pulp. Jurlique’s packaging is also environmentally responsible, and the Australia-based company also features a take-back recycling program in its stores.

Lipsticks in Full Bloom

With makeup taking over the No. 1 spot from skin care in the past year or so, eye and lip products, including an abundance of convenient pencils and crayons, were highly visible. For those who favor an artful case as well as an artistic lip, there were a number of cleverly designed packages.

Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick, available in 30 shades, stood out as my most coveted with its black prickly studs, in a package inspired by one of the tattoo artist’s favorite bracelets. The formula captures the essence of crème brûlée, her dessert of choice.

Nails with Kale

It was difficult not to smile at this display, as the darling of enlightened foodies had made its way to the nail table, with Nails Inc’s Nailkale, described as the first nail care range formulated with kale. Not only was the superfood-enriched base coat appealing, but the innovative bottle made it on to my Top 3 menu. The luxe bottles, made of Venetian glass, feature an indentation in the bottom. Consumers place their nail in the well to see just how the color will look on their finger. The heavy metallized over cap pulls off to reveal a twist off top with brush attached.

Please click through the slideshow above for a look at many of the Product Demo packages that caught our eye.

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