Beauty Brands Made by YouTube

Posted on October 17, 2013 @ 11:58 am

BH Cosmetics has partnered with two popular YouTube personalities - ItsJudyTime and ThatsHeart.

Custom signature palettes will be available for the 2013 Holiday shopping season, inspired by the influential vloggers - who each have millions of subscribers across multiple social media channels.

"We are thrilled to be launching collections with ItsJudyTime and ThatsHeart,” said Fred Sadovskiy, BH Cosmetics co-founder and CEO.

“BH Cosmetics owes much of the credit for its success to its large YouTube following. This unique partnership will allow us to continue our growth and our strategy to capitalize on the popularity of social media influencers,” Sadovskiy continues.

BH Cosmetics has been placed on Inc. magazine’s 2013 Inc. 500 list, which recognizes the country’s fastest-growing private companies. According to Inc. magazine, to reach this distinction, a company had to grow more than 918 percent from the start of 2010. The average company on the list grew 2,900 percent. BH Cosmetics is ranked at 446 on the list.

“It wasn’t just the use of YouTube as a marketing channel that was unique in BH’s early days, but also the company decision to use stars endemic to the platform,” wrote Michael Carney of PandoDaily in a September 2013 story about BH’s rapid growth and the power of online brand building.

Carney continued to explain, “Rather than going outside of YouTube to hire traditional celebrities or even actors to promote its brand, the company was one of the first to team up with early YouTube stars to make videos that would tap into their existing audience.”