New EU Legislation on Cosmetic Safety

Posted on July 11, 2013 @ 11:40 am

New legislation regarding cosmetic safety goes into effect today, across the European Union - and it includes changes that affect labeling, and safety requirements for packaging.

The new Cosmetics Regulation replaces the existing Cosmetics Directive, and its 67 amendments. The new regulation is considered law.

It will also be consistent for every member country of the EU - perhaps making it easier for cosmetic companies now that they won't need to comply with different regulations for each country anymore.

It seems to be designed to help better inform consumers of the ingredients in beauty product formulations, and will also enforce these changes strictly, holding beauty companies much more accountable for following the guidelines.

One major labeling change for cosmetics includes a mandatory listing of “responsible persons,” and their contact information. These individuals must ensure product compliance and maintain files with up-to-date safety assessments.

There are also more precise guidelines now for many other details - such as how to use the word "nano" on labels, and how it should be written, when "nanoparticles" are used in a skincare product, for instance.

Also, fully enforcing an animal testing ban will be a major goal for the EU Commission in the future.

Forbidding the import and sale of animal-tested cosmetics products and ingredients in the EU went into effect on March 11, 2013, but currently, this regulation is not being enforced for beauty companies that test their products on animals in other countries.