Artistry To Launch Youth Xtend Serum

Posted on June 21, 2013 @ 09:52 am

Amway announced the pre-launch of Artistry's Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate. The product is one of 8 anti-aging products in the new Artistry Youth Extend Skincare Collection.

At the cornerstone of the Artistry brand's re-emergence is a signature new look – a distinctive and sophisticated package design, called Crescendo, named for the grace and height of its upward-slanted caps.

Accompanying the new package design are finessed brand features including a sleeker, more refined Artistry logo and an iconic mark – an "A" – that the brand expects will become more recognizable over time.

"Elegant and elevated, it's the perfect encapsulation of the brand's beauty," explained Olivier van Doorne, president and worldwide creative director at SelectNY. Van Doorne created the brand's new look.

Maud Pansing, vice president of Global Beauty, said, "Our renewed focus is on elevating the prestige factor. The Artistry brand has always possessed superb R&D, exquisite textures, and unmatched performance. Moving forward, it will also possess a more dynamic and consistent brand image as well as a definitive point of view."

Another vibrant touch the brand re-stage will entail is Artistry's Global Face of Beauty, Australian actress, Teresa Palmer.

Pansing continued, "By contemporizing and streamlining the Artistry brand aesthetic to match its innovative performance, we believe we've identified a winning strategy that will rival even our biggest beauty competitors in the prestige retail space."