Plan for Cosme Tech 2013

Posted on March 22, 2013 @ 09:09 am

Cosme Tech 2013 and Cosme Tokyo 2013 are taking place simultaneously, June 26th - 28th. The show will feature 550 exhibitors - and 30,000 visitors are expected, which is a 70% increase from 2012.

Organizers attributes the show's growth to the international demand for made-in-Japan cosmetics, as well as the growing number of projects between Japanese suppliers and overseas cosmetics companies.

CosmeTech 2013, the 4th International Cosmetics Development Expo, will feature ingredients, OEM and packaging. Packaging suppliers will be showcasing blow-forming and embossing technologies, as well as innovative designs for packages and containers.

Cosme Tokyo 2013, the 2nd International Trade Fair, is Japan's only international exhibition that specializes in cosmetics and personal care products for retail. It will showcase a large number of made-in-Japan cosmetics, as well as trends from around the world. The show will feature an organic and anti-aging section this year.