Partners with Mass Relevance

Posted on March 20, 2013 @ 09:50 am recently partnered with Mass Relevance, a technology company specializing in social curation and integration, to launch a new feature on its website, "Front Row at Fashion Week."

The social engagement platform developed by Mass Relevance gave's consumers access to live streaming photos, videos, and social content during 2013 Fashion Week, which took place in February.

"This was the first time deployed a real-time hub for all things social surrounding Fashion Week. Being able to turn a live event into an online, social experience for fans and customers was exciting for us," said Shanti DeLand, social marketing strategist, became an interactive online destination that integrated real-time, brand-relevant social conversations from Twitter. The experience encouraged participation and motivated visitors to join in the conversation using Twitter, with the hashtag #BcomFrontRow.

According to Mass Relevance, its technology breaks down the silo between social media and brand advertising - offering brands a new way to inspire consumers.

" was able to integrate the most relevant and compelling social content into a single destination for consumers, and align their brand with buzz around Fashion Week," said Sam Decker, founder / CEO, Mass Relevance.

He continued to explain, "The social hub went beyond simple streams to create dynamic visualizations that encouraged participation and engagement -- and brought the brand to life in a new way. We're very excited to work with to continue to drive social engagement."

Photo courtesy of's Facebook page - a model at the Honor fashion show.