Mark by Avon Campaigns in Washington

Posted on March 15, 2013 @ 08:58 am

Avon's mark brand sent its ambassador, actress Ashley Greene, known for playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga, to Capital Hill.

Greene mingled with advocates in Washington, D.C. during a congressional briefing, and announced data from the "NO MORE Study: Teens and Young Adults." The study was funded by "m.powerment by mark." and managed by the Avon Foundation for Women.

"As a young woman, I am proud to help launch the campaign and announce the new m.powerment by mark. Healthy Relationship College Program," said Greene.

She continued, "While the results of the NO MORE study are sobering, the silver lining is that the respondents reported they were willing to get involved to stop the abuse. We have the power to end the cycle and this is a monumental step towards that."

The study showed that dating violence and sexual assault are a disturbing reality in the lives of young people. One in 6 young women self-reported having been a victim of sexual assault, more than a third reported knowing a victim of sexual assault and over half know a victim of dating abuse.

The brand will award 25 new grants totaling $125,000 to expand the m.powerment by mark. Healthy Relationship College Program. These programs are intended to help students recognize the warning signs and encourage them to actively step-in as bystanders to prevent and stop violence before it starts.

The new campus grants will reach tens of thousands more students, administrators, faculty, sports teams, fraternities and sororities in 18 states, which will advance m.powerment by mark.'s goal of reducing partner abuse and violence.