A Shampoo with Meteorite Dust

Posted on February 19, 2013 @ 08:55 am

Truffle by Fuente is a new haircare brand based in The Netherlands. It was launched by Fuente, which was founded in 1993 by CEO and owner Paul Warmerdam. The shampoo and conditioner contain unusual ingredients - white truffle, diamond dust and meteorite dust.

Why meteorite dust? According to the brand, scientific studies have demonstrated that meteorites entering the Earth's atmosphere and plunging into the sea undergo a reaction with seawater. This reaction results in minerals that are not normally found on Earth - minerals which are extremely suited to human hair and the scalp.

The white truffle is sourced from the skin of white truffles, and the diamond dust is supplied by Dutch Diamantair.

Mixing the shampoo posed issues, since conventional mixing techniques to blend all the active ingredients would result in hair that feels too heavy. Instead, the shampoo is mixed using magnetic fields. KU Leuven University has developed a production process in which magnetic fields break down the shampoo's active ingredients into thousands of minute particles. These minute particles exhibit greatly improved bonding and much more contact with the hair and scalp.

The result? The magnetic field orders the complex molecular combinations to achieve an optimum performance, resulting in a shampoo which deposits precisely the correct amount of constituents for each type of hair.

The pearl-white bottle is unusual as well - one side is straight, making a full circle when the shampoo and conditioner are side-by-side.