Lancome Woos Jason Wu

Posted on February 4, 2013 @ 06:22 am

As a fashion designer with a self-proclaimed adoration for women and enhancing the female form, Jason Wu's talent is a natural fit for Lancome, according to the brand, which has announced that the Jason Wu for Lancome collection will launch in September 2013.

"What was so intriguing about partnering with Lancome, beyond the quality and luxury of their products, is the notion that the brand doesn't impose a model of beauty but rather invites women to embrace themselves. This is the embodiment of a truly sexy, modern and confident woman, much like the women I design for," said Wu.

Silvia Galfo, Lancome's senior vice president of marketing, commented:

"Jason's vision of femininity and talent for designing clothing and accessories that truly embody a modern, elegant and stylish woman are directly in line with Lancome's brand equity. By partnering with Jason, we are able to reach an even more fashion savvy and sophisticated woman."