Male Grooming Market Grows

Posted on January 31, 2013 @ 09:28 am

The global male grooming products market has rebounded back to its growth path, according to Kline & Company's latest research in the recently published "Male Grooming Products: Global Market Brief."

What's driving the upward trend? A growing consciousness among men concerning their appearance, combined with an increasing awareness regarding the benefits of products specific to men.

"Our extensive research has revealed a myriad of exciting developments," notes Nancy Mills, Kline's Consumer Products Practice Industry Manager.

"One that strikes most, revealed in the consumer part of the research, concerns the major cultural shift observed across all age groups of men in countries previously reluctant to extend male grooming beyond basic cleaning and shaving. Essentially, this is opening up a largely untapped market that consists of half the population."

In Europe, Kline says that male grooming products are generally more sophisticated. Europe's strongest male grooming market is in Germany, where the leading brands are Nivea for Men, L'Oreal Men Expert, and DM's Balea MEN.

According to Kline's consumer research, the least popular market for conditioners is Germany, while demand for hair styling mousse is highest in China. Kline surveyed over 1,500 males between the ages of 15 and 69, spanning six core countries.

Although Europe is the largest market for male grooming products, the most significant growth is occurring in Asian regions, with India in particular posting a 32% increase in 2012.

Two paradigms are fueling the growth in Asia, says Kline. The advanced markets of Japan and South Korea are benefiting from male grooming, including the use of cosmetics as a socially encouraged practice. In China and India, male grooming as a trend has only recently been developing, and is being assisted by greater disposable income among consumers.