Pureology Supports Schools

Posted on January 2, 2013 @ 09:18 am

Pureology is presenting the 2nd Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition. Now through March 31st, anyone can nominate any K through 12 public, private or charter school for a "green" makeover.

Global Green USA helps schools across the country with funds necessary for repairs, renovations and to make sure schools are free of harmful toxins. The organization remedies issues such as improper ventilation, poor lighting and inefficient energy usage.

"Green schools improve student test scores, lower energy bills, and promote a more ecologically sound atmosphere. We call it the 3 R's of green schools: Rise in student performance levels and teacher retention; Reduction in carbon emissions and toxins; and Renewed hope in education and the future," said Matt Petersen, president/CEO, Global Green USA. "We are thrilled that our partnership with Pureology allows us to continue this national competition and ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn in a healthy, environmentally-friendly school."

Shae Kalyani, vice president of marketing, Pureology, stated, "We're working towards a more sustainable future and we're proud to present the 2013 Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition. Throughout 2013, Pureology will offer client product promotions in salons and donate a total of $250,000."

The winning school will be announced by June of this year. The top ten finalists in the competition will also receive gift cards from Office Depot ranging from $1,000 - $5,000.