Mintel Reports on Brazilian Consumers

Posted on November 13, 2012 @ 01:34 pm

Mintel has a new consumer research report series available, and it examines the Brazilian consumer market landscape. The reports focuses on data and analysis from five distinct regions of Brazil, and also includes segmentation, market share, retail environment and consumer profile intelligence. Report titles in the series will include: Consumer Spending Habits, Green Lifestyles, Hair Care, and Regional Lifestyles, among others.

Peter Haigh, global CEO at Mintel, said, "Our new Brazilian report series will deliver unique insight into one of the world's most dynamic consumer markets, enabling our global client base to understand, evaluate and anticipate the Brazilian consumer marketplace. With so many developments in the near future for brands to capitalize on—including a positive economic outlook, a growing middle class, fast development of the Northeast region, and the future hosting of the world's largest sporting events the consumer landscape in Brazil has never been more exciting."