Degree Men Debuts MotionSense Technology

Posted on March 16, 2012 @ 10:30 am

Degree Men updated its popular Adrenaline Series of anti-perspirant/ deodorant by adding movement-activated anti-perspirant technology for men with the introduction of MotionSense™ technology. The Degree Men Adrenaline Series features exclusive technology, which is triggered by body movements “releasing extra protection throughout the day to fight sweat and odor before they start.” For the technology, motion activated micro-capsules sit on the surface of the skin and on first movement the technology activates causing the capsules to break and release “bursts of freshness.” While the average anti-perspirant/deodorant releases scent upon contact with sweat, Degree Men with MotionSense starts working to block wetness upon movement, according to the company.

"Guys are always on the move and our new Degree Men MotionSense technology gives them the edge they need to stay confident throughout the day," explains Aaron Calloway, senior brand building manager, Unilever. "The MotionSense technology gives you more complete protection that lasts for longer than ever before keeping you fresher and more protected no matter how big the challenge is."

Starting in March, 2012, the Degree Men Adrenaline Series anti-perspirant/deodorants will include new MotionSense technology and is available at retail stores for $4.29 (2.7 oz).