FiFi 'Superstar of the Year' Finalists Announced

Posted on May 4, 2011 @ 08:31 am

The Fragrance Foundation has announced the top ten finalists for the new 2011 Fragrance Superstar of the Year FiFi Award.

“Just as the perfumer’s do when they are creating a fragrance, The Fragrance Foundation likes to mix things up a bit, add an extra note of anticipation, a drop of tension,” says Rochelle Bloom, president, The Fragrance Foundation. “That’s what the new Fragrance Superstar of the Year award is all about because guests at the party on May 25th have the power to vote, right there on the spot, for the winner, regardless of gender or distribution.”

How is it going to work? At a strategic moment during the evening’s proceedings, attendees will be given a hand-held voting device to enable them to instantly vote for their favorite overall fragrance. The voting will appear on large screens so everyone can follow along. The winner will receive a coveted crystal statuette immediately. Here are the top ten finalists that came out of the vote taken during The FiFi Finalists Breakfast in April:

1. Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Dark Kiss – Bath & Body Works
2. BLEU DE CHANEL - Chanel
3. BOMBSHELL – Victoria’s Secret
4. Gucci Guilty – P & G Prestige
5. McGraw Silver – Coty Inc.
6. My Life by Mary J Blige – Carol’s Daughter
7. Outspoken by Fergie – Avon Products
8. pureDKNY – Donna Karan Cosmetics
9. The Big Pony Collection: 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Ralph Lauren Fragrances
10. Voyage d’Hermès – Beauté Prestige International