Hans F. Hansen - Skincare For Men

Posted on January 22, 2008 @ 08:56 am

This spring, cutting edge Icelandic chic is exemplified in a new line of men's skincare products courtesy of Hans Hansen, the professional Icelandic soccer star turned lifestyle guru with a visionary take on defining personal style. Merging his past experience on the soccer field with his love of fashion and style, Hansen created a skincare line that is made specifically for the modern man.

Hans Hansen's namesake skincare line, Hans F. Hansen, includes eye gel, moisturizing cream, aftershave gel, facial scrub, aftershave lotion, and a Beep Cream, for a man's nether regions, packaged in sleek black tubes. Packed with nature's most enriching botanicals, essential oils and vitamins, the Hans F. Hansen skincare line promotes healthy, nourished, and balanced skin. Hansen, being a man that is just as likely to be found on a soccer field as at a fashion show, created a skincare line that could follow him from any extreme in his day to day life and still deliver results.