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Cremo Company Partners with the Boston Red Sox

April 20, 2017

The skin care company is the team’s official grooming sponsor.

Cremo Company has announced it is the official grooming sponsor of the Boston Red Sox this season. Cremo markets beard care and shave products. 

"It's no secret that superior play is a major factor to the success of the Red Sox, but the players also have some of the fiercest facial hair in the majors, which has to give them an edge," said Matthew Biggins, President of Cremo. "Our goal will be to ensure that the players and the intensely loyal fans have the products they need to look sharp on the field, in the stands or watching from afar."

Through the partnership with the Red Sox, in addition to ensuring that the players, both bearded and clean shaven, look like all-stars on and off the field, the brand will host an in-season consumer sweepstakes. Fans will have the chance to win select Red Sox and Cremo prizes. Throughout the season, the brand will be answering consumers’ beard and shave questions on social media.

"The facial hair of our players is varied and unique, and even became a point of bonding during the 2013 championship season with our 'band of bearded brothers,'" said Red Sox Executive Vice President Troup Parkinson. "We are excited to partner with a brand like Cremo whose high-quality products will allow our organization to look its best regardless of facial hair style."

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