Coverpla Continues Its Full Service Business

By Beauty Packaging Staff | 03.26.20

Strives to honor the majority of its orders despite COVID-19.

Coverpla has put in place a crisis process allowing it to continue its activity for the coming weeks.
The company has decided to continue the activity of its workshops in Nice in order to honor the majority of its orders. Thanks to its collection of bottles, pumps and caps immediately available, Coverpla is able to maintain its overall offer on small and medium series custom-made at the local level. Its multiple partnerships with European glassmakers also allow the company to maintain the production of certain lines of bottles.
Also, a custom internal organization was set up in agreement with all the company's employees in the respect of their safety. In line with the Covid-19's control and distance guidelines, the working teams have been redefined, workshop schedules modified and spaces organized to respect the distances between each individual. Commercial and administrative teams remain operational remotely and eventually in reduced activity.
"Through this management of the health crisis, we hope to continue our activity with our customers, but not at any price. Without accepting any compromise on the safety of our employees and their families, these provisions could evolve over time," explained Bruno Diepois, president of Coverpla.
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