APC Provides COVID-19 Update

By Beauty Packaging Staff | 03.23.20

Outlines the measures it has taken during the pandemic.

On March 23, Lisa Lin, CEO of APC Packaging, issued the following letter outlining the supplier’s response to the coronavirus crisis:
“Clients of APC Packaging,
“As information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) leads the news, we understand that everyone is looking to see how it impacts themselves and their business.  APC Packaging will continue to be here to support you.  First and foremost, our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, clients and their families.  We have taken proactive measures to ensure that our employees and our clients are protected by following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
“Impact to Personnel – We have worked with our employees to provide the safest work environment possible. Employees, when their position permits, are allowed to work remotely from home. When working in the office, employees’ workspaces have been separated and all meetings are virtual to minimize interaction and exposure.
“Impact to Lead Times - For stock items, there has been no impact on lead times currently. Stock items continue to ship within 48 hours from our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida warehouse. Our manufacturing plant in China is up and running at full capacity and we will continue to receive shipments regularly. We have been in contact with the ports, and while they have reduced their schedule, they have assured us that it will not impact our shipments. For custom products, we have been meeting all deadlines and do not foresee any issues in the future. Because of the measures we have taken at the factory, there was very little down time and any lost time has already been made up.
“Risk to Sourcing Material - For all orders, we secure our sourcing materials ahead of time. Our custom order sourcing has already been allotted and the virus will have no impact on securing the materials. Our stock items have been selling faster than originally anticipated because we have been able to continue to fulfill orders quickly while some of the other companies have had issues. We have been able to take advantage of excess supply in China and push orders out quickly. APC continually evaluates its supply chain and looks to improve the efficiency to ensure that we can fulfill all orders. At this time, we have agreements in place, should the need arise, to purchase additional materials for any orders.
“Disaster Recovery - APC has a committee to review the disaster recovery plans. The committee examines all possible issues from hurricane to disease and how we can plan to ensure our clients are not impacted. APC has explored all avenues including offsite and cloud-based backup systems that will enable staff to immediately continue the business from alternate locations. In addition, APC has discussed alternate shipping companies and ports of entry. APC understands the importance of supply chain continuity and values our partners.
“We want our clients to feel secure that APC is doing everything reasonable to warrant the trust placed in us.
Lisa Lin

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