HCT Group: Through the Decades

March 3, 2017

Launched in 1992, founder Chris Thorpe strived to bring innovation to the cosmetic packaging industry. His first customer was the UK’s popular pharmacy brand Boot’s, but it was the iconic MAC brand that changed everything for HCT.

In addition to innovation, HCT became known around the world for their extensive library of stock packaging. This comprehensive catalog gave smaller indie brands access to a type of variety they wouldn’t find with any other manufacturing company.

As HCT’s ongoing success continued, they became founders of many of the beauty industry’s leading trends. One of these trends included their globally patented Cooling Tip Technology™ ZAMAC and Ceramic Applicators. This ground-breaking technology incorporates a unique cooling effect into the application of skin care and cosmetics products.

In 2013 when Tim Thorpe became president and CEO of HCT, his main goal was to build on the legacy of his father, Chris Thorpe.  He continued down the path of innovation by bringing five new divisions to HCT including: HCT Beauty (turnkey services), HCT Brushes (cosmetic brushes, bags, accessories and beauty tools), HCT Metals (metal packaging, applicators and fragrance components), HCT Airless (airless packaging solutions for color cosmetics, skin care and hair care) and HCT POS (retail displays and fixtures).

With the addition of these services as well as a team of experienced designers and engineers, HCT has the ability to assist their clients with every aspect of their business, from packaging and product development to logistics and brand management. These capabilities have allowed HCT to be a part of some of the beauty industry’s most iconic launches.

After 25 years, HCT Group has become a global leader in cosmetics manufacturing. Many brands have come to depend on HCT for their reliable service, creative designs and impactful innovation.