Introducing CIBS’ New President for 2017

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief | January 30, 2017

Meet Myoschi T. Oriol

Heading into 2017, the Cosmetic Industry Buyers & Suppliers (CIBS) organization continues on an upswing with a full slate of networking events and a rise in its number of members. Leading the way this year will be newly elected president Myoschi T. Oriol, who is currently Director of Global Indirect Procurement at The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC). Recently, Beauty Packaging had the opportunity to catch up with Oriol to learn a little more about her professional career, as well as her goals for the group.

A Little Background

Oriol is a procurement professional experienced in sourcing for indirect materials and services.  She has a proven ability to achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies, and is skilled in supplier management, negotiation, internal customer service, project management and analysis. She is an effective leader and team player with a proactive attitude. One of her recent achievements was the implementation of a new global ordering process for ELC’s Retail Counter Stool Program. The new process not only drove valuable savings, but increased speed to market when opening a new retail door.

She is directly responsible for the procurement of display, testers and merchandising materials to support the Estée Lauder and AERIN brands as well as The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. As an alumna of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), she has been an active member of Estée Lauder’s Employee Resource Group, The Network of Black Leaders and Executives, since its launch in 2013, as well as a member of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW).

Prior to joining The Estée Lauder Companies, Oriol held positions at both Avon and Gryphon Development [L-BRANDS], a joint venture with the Limited Corporation that developed fragrances for brands like Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Abercrombie & Fitch. She rose through the ranks from assistant buyer to buyer and then to senior buyer. Her primary responsibility was the sourcing, management and replenishment of packaging componentry to support the manufacturing of saleable goods.

BP: How did you first get involved in Beauty?

MO: I have loved fashion since I was a young girl. I would pick up magazines looking for trends and watched celebrity figures maneuver the Red Carpet in the latest designs. I enrolled in FIT to become a designer and style my friends. After two semesters, I realized that I didn’t draw very well and that the design field is very competitive. I started to review my options knowing I wanted a career where I could utilize my talent for analysis and negotiation. I could not believe people actually made a living doing something that for me was a fun part of my everyday life.

I began my career in Cosmetics as a marketing assistant in the Fragrance division at Avon. There I learned that fashion and cosmetics went hand in hand. I learned the complexity of the business from generating the idea to the actual execution and global reach.

BP: What appeals to you about the Beauty industry?

MO: The beauty field is filled with many opportunities to meet and work with fascinating people. The idea that one industry can encompass art, science, technology and personal touch is exciting.

BP: How did you get involved in CIBS and why?

MO: As a young buyer, I took the initiative to learn more about my field of interest. What better way than to join a premier organization that had been around since 1948? I went to all of the CIBS events and was meeting professionals in all areas of cosmetics. This helped me build collaborative relationships while working toward my long-term career goals.

BP: Why did you want to become president of CIBS?

MO: I have grown up in this industry, both personally and professionally, and I wanted to give back to the organization that has given me so much. Out of this group came my support system of mentors, advisors and many long-time friendships. I want to be one of the people who contributes to the future success of CIBS. I hope that as the first African American woman to be elected president of CIBS, I will inspire members from all backgrounds. 

BP: What do you hope to accomplish as president of CIBS?

MO: I plan to focus my attention on increasing the visibility and recognition of CIBS as a premier organization. We need to highlight the benefits of our network, exchange ideas and learn about new and exciting things happening in our industry. I am confident that with the continued support of my colleagues on the Executive Board this task will be easily achieved. I also hope to encourage the newly inducted members to get involved and become active in the organization as they begin or are in the middle of their careers.  

BP: What are the benefits to CIBS members – both brands and suppliers?

MO: Being a member of CIBS offers the benefit of having current insights into how the cosmetic industry works and how to navigate through it. We provide career opportunity information through job postings and networking opportunities to mix and mingle with others in the field.  Networking is key for the movers and shakers of our community, and being part of CIBS gives you countless opportunities to connect on a local and often global level to build collaborative relationships that can help drive successful long-term career goals.

BP: Can you tell us about some of the upcoming events?

MO: We are excited to come off of a great year in 2016 led by president Jo-Anne Greco. In 2017, we are moving the date of the Ladies Day Luncheon to April as well as moving to a new venue. This year it will be held at the NY Marriott Marquis situated in the heart of New York City. We have already lined up some great speakers for our monthly lunch meetings to keep our members up to date on industry trends and best practices, and the scholarship committee is hard at work looking for our next scholarship recipient. 

BP: Sounds like another great year ahead for CIBS!