All About Eyebrows

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief | March 23, 2017

A look at the many brow styling products on the market.

Slideshow: Christian Louboutin’s Brow Definer

A versatile brow pencil for defining, shaping and filling eyebrows.

Palladio Brow Styler Tinted Brow Gel

With a few quick strokes, brows are set, tamed and tinted.

Palladio’s Brow Obsessed

Calm wild brows with Palladio’s ultra-light brow gel.

Jane Iredale’s GreatShape Eyebrow Kit

A take-anywhere brow kit with a dual-ended applicator.

TrèStiQue’s Define, Sculpt & Set Brow Pencil

A two-in-one brow product for color and grooming.

Flower Beauty’s Draw the Line Eyebrow Pencil

Creates perfectly groomed brows with a self-sharpening pencil & mini brow brush.

Measurable Difference’s RegenaLash

Designed to nourish and condition both lashes and brows.


Wunderbrow’s ultra-long wear Permafix Gel Technology locks fibers onto brows.

Brow products are available in all types of formulations, from gels to polishes, pencils and crayons — with all types of applicators.

Benefit Cosmetics recently launched a Brow Translator to help consumers shop - read more about it here, and see how much the eyebrow market is worth in the Online Exclusive: Brows-ing the Eyebrow Product Market.

Take a look at the many types of eyebrow products on the market in the slideshow above.