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A Look At Star Trek Fragrances' Unusual Packaging

April 20, 2017

The bottles are modeled after a 'communicator.'

CBS Consumer Products will launch Star Trek Fragrances in June. The unusual bottles are modeled after a 'Star Trek communicator.'

There will be three scents in the lineup -- Capt. James T. Kirk, First Officer Spock and Lt. Nyota Uhura. Each character's fragrance is in a bottle that matches their uniform color. Uhura's fragrances are shown above, red and gold, available in two sizes.   

Why now? reports that "Star Trek" celebrated its 50th anniversary as a franchise in 2016, and a new CBS streaming-only series called "Star Trek: Discovery" is in production now. The site says, "A firm release date for the new series has not been announced, but CBS has pegged it for late 2017."