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Beauty & the Beast 'Belle' Fragrance Launches

March 20, 2017

House of Worth partnered with Walt Disney

The House of Worth, a prestige global fragrance designer, has partnered with Walt Disney to launch the fragrance Belle, which is inspired by the star of Beauty & the Beast. (take a look at it here, on Worth Paris' website).

Belle by Worth is the first fragrance created and distributed worldwide by Akita Brands.

The new limited edition scent was created by master perfumer Honorine Blanc of Firmenich. It is described as: "a luxurious, feminine concoction which blends Rose de Mai with aromatic woods and spicy pink peppers."  

The Fragrance is Packaged in a 'Book'

The fragrance is packaged in the couture fragrance house's signature octagonal weighty glass bottle. The bottle is topped with a sustainable wooden cap which is finished in metallic pearl and features the word "Belle" engraved in gold by master calligrapher Bernard Maisner.

The bottle's outer packaging resembles a hollowed out book, taking its inspiration from Belle's love of reading. It is available in three collectible colors - chartreuse, crimson red and navy blue.  

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