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Sephora Virtual Artist App Now Lets Shoppers Try Eyeshadow

March 13, 2017

The additional features enhance online shoppers' experience.

Sephora is now offering new features on its Virtual Artist App on iOS. Online shoppers can now virtually try on thousands of shades of single and palette eyeshadows. The app already contained lip colors and false eyelash styles.

Sephora Virtual Artist now also offers Expert Looks to preview inspirational looks, and three new Virtual Tutorials for brows, contouring and highlighting.

The new features for Sephora Virtual Artist are the latest in a series of digital enhancements powered by the Sephora Innovation Lab to customize the retailer’s expanding beauty experiences.

Bridget Dolan, VP of Innovation at Sephora, comments, “With these additions, Sephora Virtual Artist continues to put the power and expertise of Sephora quite literally in the palm of our clients’ hands. Since launching Sephora Virtual Artist in 2016, our clients have virtually tried on hundreds of millions of shade combinations. It gives her the freedom to choose when, where and how she wants to shop as she creates customized looks and discovers the products that are just right for her.”

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