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Cosmoprof North America Introduces ‘Discover Pack’

January 11, 2017

Program will feature new and innovative packaging solutions.

Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), which will bring beauty brands and packaging suppliers together on the West Coast, July 9-11, 2017 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas,
has announced the launch of Discover Pack, a new special area dedicated to novel suppliers. With an entire pavilion already dedicated to packaging, contract manufacturing & private label, Discover Pack will put a spotlight on the section and reinforce the importance packaging plays in the beauty industry. As only 12 exhibitors will be featured, the area also promises to deliver a tailored and well-rounded showcase of the latest packaging innovations—from packaging to contract manufacturing. Participating companies will benefit from guaranteed face-to-face meetings with key U.S. and international buyers in addition to receiving prime placement on the show floor and unsurpassed exposure.
“The packaging section, like all our areas, has experienced steady growth year over year,” says Daniela Ciocan, marketing director, CPNA. “Discover Pack was created to meet growing demand while simultaneously taking advantage of the fact that CPNA features more than 1,000 finished goods companies and welcomes a large number of visitors from prime beauty hub, California- giving exhibitors a built-in client base and direct access to up-and-coming indie beauty brands seeking innovation.”
To support its packaging efforts further, CPNA will expand its conference schedule to include sessions specifically focused on packaging and branding. Stay tuned for details.

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