Trends Analyst Talks Cannabis


Packaging tips for CBD products.

MakeUp in NewYork featured the presentation, "The Rise of the Cannabis Economy," with Emily Safian-Demers, Trends Analyst at JWT Innovation Group. 

"It is exploding into a fully-fledged movement..." said Safian-Demers, to attendees in the packed conference room.

Cannabis has been rebranded as a lifestyle product, appealing to a new demographic -- beyond its "hippie roots" -- and packaging for products that contain CBD and hemp oils are evolving as well, with a new high-end look.

How are these brands are appealing to target consumers? CBD products have a luxury status, Safian-Demers said, noting that packaging should be at the same luxe level. 

Child-resistant features are becoming increasingly important as well, for CBD products. 

Safian-Demers showed one example, Mother & Clone, which is a line of CBD products geared toward moms. The packaging is child-resistant, because the products contain micro-doses of CBD oil.

Stay tuned for more coverage of this presentation.