Innovation Tree Showcases Winners


This year's most innovative products at MakeUp in NewYork.

This year's Innovation Tree at MakeUp in NewYork didn't disappoint. The products featured included new formulas, innovative packaging -- and more. 

Product & formulation highlights included S&J International's Milky Lip Blush, a silky formula that is provided, turnkey; and Pharmacos' 'Crazy Crayon,' formulated to provide a sensory texture and deliver intense color.

A few of the standout packaging innovation winners included Roberts Beauty's Edge Eyeliner, featuring a specially designed tip that lets users draw a subtle or intense line; Beauty Yaurient's Powder Brush, with a gourd-shaped handle that is easy to hold; and Cosmopak USA's 100% rPET lipstick, a high-effect lip color bullet in a fully recyclable molded package.

Stay tuned for photos of the Innovation Tree.