Schwan to Present ‘Lagom’ Range for Lips, Eyes, and Brows


The new cosmetics line combines sustainability and luxury with high-end textures.

Schwan Cosmetics will be presenting “Lagom,” a new product range debuting at MakeUp in NewYork.

The team at Schwan says its new line creates a distinctive personal look by combining sustainability and luxury, with high-end textures and packaging.

The Lagom range includes products for the lip color, eye color, and brow products. Stop by the booth to take a look at the following:

  • For Lips: long-lasting lip liners in eight colors; lip gloss in three colors; and a mineral lip powder infused with moisturizing ingredients. 

  • For Eyes: compact eye shadow in four colors and three different textures -- fluid, creamy, and talc.

  • For Brows: A brand new line featuring Brow Soap; Brow Liner; and a compact Highlighter. 

More Info: MakeUp in NewYork Booth #B9