Trends Shaping the Future Beauty Industry


Learn about key societal & lifestyle developments.

Upcoming trends -- and how they will affect the beauty industry -- will be one topic discussed at MakeUp in NewYork next week. 

On Wednesday September 11th, 2019 at 9:45 am, join Laura Ziv, executive editor, Beautystreams, for her presentation -- “Societal & Lifestyle Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry of Tomorrow,” which will cover key societal and lifestyle developments.

Which product categories will brands need to focus on? Which ingredients, textures and claims will resonate with consumers? How will sustainability and innovation influence color trends? Ziv will open up the conference series at MakeUp in NewYork by answering these questions.

Ziv will also explain the many ways in which emerging consumer tribes are creating new demands for new types products -- giving the beauty industry a preview of consumers' needs in the future.