Full Turnkey Skincare at Yonwoo/PKG


Innovative formulas and packaging from Korea

Attendees at Luxe Pack in LA were drawn to Yonwoo/PKG’s booth, which featured an exciting array of full turnkey skincare—all from Korea.

Highlights included masks with “power-boosters,” in which a small pouch of formulation can be added upon use to the larger product pack for extra effectiveness. Freeze-dried formulas, such as small balls of products can be reconstituted with water, serum or herbal oils. A powder that has encapsulated water beads becomes spreadable just by rubbing it with your fingers.

A new Vitamin C pen allows you to squeeze out just the amount you want and can be directly applied to targeted areas.

For brands looking for quick-to-market launches, Yonwoo/PKG offers a boxed kit of skincare products.

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