Eisen Shows Wide Array of Sharpeners


Low minimums & ideal for branding - the supplier featured numerous options at MakeUp in Los Angeles.

A high-quality cosmetic pencil must have a high-quality cosmetic sharpener, and at MakeUp in LosAngeles, Eisen featured a large assortment of sharpeners to choose from.

Wolfram Leistner explained that the blade is the key to the function of a cosmetic sharpener— for both the sharpening quality and durability. Eisen’s high-quality blade production takes place at its factory in Germany.

Known as an essential item for branding, numerous deco options are available, and minimums start at 2,000-3,000 pieces. Leistner also stressed that service is key at Eisen.

Among the many models on display at MULA, Eisen’s “Click Fit” cover has an audible closure, and secures the shavings in the sharpener. The cover provides ample space for branding.