Fun Packaging at Luxe Pack New York's Exploratorium


Visitors had the opportunity to interact with the many packages on display.

Luxe Pack New York's 'Exploratorium' section featured a slew of packages from exhibitors, and guests had the opportunity to 'play' with each one. The Exploratorium showcased new materials, shapes, and colors, and more. 

"Tangibility is key when trying to create a consumer experience," show organizers stated, calling it "a snapshot of packaging newness."  

Two highlights are shown above.

  • Golden Arrow's Rose Blossom gift box is made from 6-inch tall rose-scented contour molded fiber. The supplier's technology shapes molded fiber into innovative 3D designs, such as the rose petals on the top of the box. 

  • DAPY's Mooncake Box for Valentino is a design based on an interpretation of a traditional Chinese aesthetic, in blue and white. When opening the box, the fan unfolds, holding two mooncake drawers and a tea caddy. 
HCT Group presented it refillable tin jar as a luxe sustainable solution; Viva featured refillable solutions for deodorant; and Nate Packaging had paper stick packages in all sizes.

Kurz showed off its transfer decoration on a carton. It combines metallization and coating to turn digital printing into a "unique haptic relief experience to give sheets a 3D look."

Berry Global's Infinity Quartz PET jar is refillable, lightweight, and looks luxurious with a thick-wall design.  

Stay tuned for more photos from Luxe Pack New York's Exploratorium.