Conferences Draw Crowds at Luxe Pack New York


Experts spoke about design, inspiration, and sustainability.

The conference area at the back of the show floor at Luxe Pack New York drew standing-room only crowds, for many of the sessions. 

Marc Rosen, president, Marc Rosen Associates, inspired creativity with a panel that spoke about where inspiration is found -- from fashion to film. One highlight was Sandra Monteparo, the vice president and creative director of Package Design for Victoria's Secret. She showed a few of the brand's recent videos and campaigns, created for recent fragrance launches -- revealing the inspiration behind each. Monteparo says the team often looks to films, which provide the inspiration for everything from the campaign and video to the packaging.  

Beauty Packaging's editor, Jamie Matusow, brought together a panel that focused on sustainability. 

One panelist was Alan Hafkin, the vice president of Global Package Development for The Estee Lauder Companies. Hafkin mentioned how being 'green' can be stressful and overwhleming for a brand, but he advised to choose just one thing to focus on first -- anything. Hafkin's advice outlined a simple path towards major change -- just do one thing better today, and tomorrow, and the next. 

Stay tuned to Beauty and our next issue for more about these panel discussions.