AJG Debuts Eco Low-Profile Closures


The supplier introduced its new injection-molded closures from Giflor Closure Technologies.

AJG Packaging debuted a new cosure line at Luxe Pack New York -- an innovative line of Eco Low Profile injection-molded closures from Italian-based manufacturer Giflor Closure Technologies.

The patented design available in both classic and innovative shapes, as well as custom configurations. The additional “click sound” of the closure system indicates that the cap is tightly closed. They can be ordered in a variety of shapes, sizes and more than 350 standard colors. Available foil liners prevent the product from getting in contact with air, thereby maintaining freshness and extending shelf life.

“Today’s brands require packaging with a strong aesthetic impact, capable of providing brand personality and improving the sales performance of the final product, as well as ensuring maximum functionality,” states AJG Packaging CEO, Matthew Grimaldi.“These closures get high marks in every single category.”