A Closer Look at CO. by Colgate’s ‘Counter-Worthy’ Collection

Designed for Gen Z, CO. by Colgate aims to elevate oral care to 'oral beauty.'

By Marie Redding, Senior Editor 09.22.21

The CO. by Colgate collection is the company’s new brand, and it is designed for—and by—Gen Z. The package design reflects a new direction for Colgate’s new “oral beauty” brand, CO.

Colgate states, "It's more than just brushing your teeth every day, it's a ritual for feeling good. We made this line of products to reimagine your wellness routine." 

The packaging features lots of white, silver, gold, lilac, and holographs. Even with an abundance of shiny materials, however, the bottles, jars, tubes, and cartons are still eco-friendly, the company says. 

Read more about the packaging—in our Online Exclusive: Interview with Kayla Risch, Colgate's senior innovation design manager.

Risch led the brand's design and packaging creative direction for CO. by Colgate, in collaboration with United DSN. Working closely with the Colgate team, United DSN's team designed the unique Co. by Colgate brand identity and packaging.

United DSN states, "Risch spearheaded the vision to realize a paradigm chnage for the oral care category by creating the first 'oral beauty' brand in the Colgate portfolio."

Risch adds, "We wanted the entire packaging experience to welcome you in, from the language to a design that expresses dazzling, white teeth," Colgate states. 

See the SLIDESHOW ABOVE for a closer look at Colgate's CO. Collection

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