Gearing Up for Beauty’s 2022 Trend Stories

Trendalytics’ five concepts will help brands and retailers identify current and future shifts in consumer behavior.

By Sarah Barnes, Trendalytics 05.31.21

Using our proprietary algorithm, Trendalytics has identified five beauty themes and trends expected to continue growing over the next year. Brands and retailers can adopt these concepts with confidence, knowing each considers current and predicted shifts in consumer behavior.
1. Revival
A modern take on the Roaring ’20s, Revival celebrates post-pandemic life. Matte red lips (+7% to last year (LY) ) and gilded French tips (+74% to LY) replace our laid-back quarantine look as we gear up for a year of indulgent glamour. Lipstick is steadily recovering to meet its pre-pandemic popularity; there are 316K average weekly searches for lipstick, +11% to LY.
2. Verdant
Characterized by natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Verdant positions the beauty industry as a champion of sustainability. Braided pigtails (+17% to LY), bronzer cream (+54% to LY), and flower nails (+7% to LY) bring the ethical fantasy to life. A stable trend, there are 29K average weekly searches for eco-friendly. Refillable body care is top of mind—searches for refillable deodorant and body wash are +522% and +212%, respectively.
Plus, an eco-friendly and innovative body care company urges customers to do away with waterlogged body washes in plastic bottles and adopt their waterless body wash squares that dissolve in water.
3. Solace
Do away with excess and find new ways to foster inner peace and clarity. Solace brings a holistic approach to beauty, simplifying our daily routine as we look inside for answers. The skinimalism movement emerges with multipurpose formulas and low-maintenance looks. Ingestibles (+106% to LY) and supplements (+44% to LY) formulated with mood- and beauty-boosting benefits are on the rise.
Launching with a single product, State of Kind epitomizes the skinimalist approach. Kindle Restore is a natural and vegan sleep concentrate that can be applied as a mask or eye cream. As a brand focused on multipurpose skincare staples, State of Kind encourages consumers to be kind to their skin by avoiding excess.
4. Teen Dream
Channeling the Y2K aesthetic and optimistic escapism, Teen Dream is a modern take on early 2000’s nostalgia. A new generation of inclusive voices bring smiley face nails (+654% to LY), mullets (+90% to LY), and colorful eyeliner (+77% to LY) to the forefront as we celebrate self-expression. There are 141K average weekly searches for Y2K, +5% to LY, and brands are taking note by embracing nostalgic packaging. The quick-to-sell-out Colourpop x Lizzie McGuire collaboration perfectly captures the Teen Dream aesthetic.
5. Omniverse
Enter alternative realities with 3D filters and otherworldly graphics. Omniverse explores high-tech advancements as the industry ushers in a new era of innovation. Founded by Dr. Robb Akridge, OPULUS Beauty Labs’ patent-pending thermal process transforms double-layered capsules, which have vitamins on the outside and suspended ingredients on the inside, into freshly activated formulas.
Read the full report here.
About the Author
Sarah Barnes is the content marketing manager at Trendalytics, where her team leverages signals from Google search, social media, and e-comm to create data-driven trend forecasting reports. An alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with ten years of experience in trend forecasting, she incorporates critical consumer behavior shifts with Trendalytics data to predict and validate trends. Trendalytics is a retail intelligence platform that helps brands and retailers make more profitable decisions.
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